360 Video Production

"360 video will allow us to move inside a story, to be there,
to experience the narrative along with the protagonist."


360 video is a spherical video format which when viewed on a virtual reality headset, gives viewers the illusion of ‘being there’. This type of video is perfect when you want to convey what it feels like to “be there” in a particular place.

360 video puts you at the center of the action. Unlike traditional 2D fixed-frame video, you can look up, down, and all around to explore a scene from any perspective. This provides an immersive experience people can’t find anywhere else. 360 videos can also be viewed on a desktop or mobile using platforms such as facebook, youtube and vimeo.

  • On a desktop PC (locally, and online), the viewer can use the mouse to pan and look around;
  • On a mobile device, the viewer can either use a finger to pan and look around or directly point the device to where the viewer wants to look;



Our team is adept at preparing 360 video content for display on VR headsets which gives viewers the most immersive and compelling experience. We have the right tools and equipment to capture the highest quality content in stereoscopic (3D) at 8k resolution with ambisonic audio.

Professional omnidirectional cameras rigs
- Live remote monitoring
- 360-audio recorders
- Drones
- and more


Our production workflow is broken down into four phases:

Phase 1: Planning And Conceptual

We climb into the heads of our clients to gain insights about what they want to achieve or the problem they are trying to solve. We interpret their briefs and adapt them to fit the VR medium. In this stage we implement planning tools and documentation that will guide the production process. 

Phase 2: Production Shoot

To capture images for 360 video we use high end professional omnidirectional camera rigs that can seamlessly capture the world around them in high resolution detail. Our equipment allows us to remote monitor so we can shoot with a focus of achieving “presence” and immersion. Audio is just as important as the visuals. We capture the sound in all directions so when you move your head in one direction or another, the audio should change to reflect that movement.

Phase 3: Post Production

Video: 360 Post-Production comprises stitching and blending footage to make it as seamless and high quality as possible. In this stage we also edit footage into sequences, add motion graphics and pre-rendered CG elements. To achieve the highest standards we use high end software solutions designed for professional 360 video production.

Audio: Audio is a crucial factor in creating immersion. We record audio in the ambisonic format - a full-sphere 3D surround sound format. In this phase we mix all the audio sources - voiceover, music, ambient and sound effect to create a cohesive soundscape for your project.

Phase 4: Delivery And Publishing

We always give our clients two solutions so they can maximize the return on their investment. We prepare all our media to meet the technical requirements of VR headsets and we also prepare a version to be delivered to social media platforms and video sharing sites which is accessible by a mobile device or laptop. With major platforms like YouTube and Facebook supporting the format, your 360° content has the potential to reach millions.