SteamStart community

 #Laventille #Beetham #Enterprise #Edinburgh500 #Belmont

 #Laventille #Beetham #Enterprise #Edinburgh500 #Belmont

CLIENT: US EMbassy Trinidad and Tobago and Dingole LTD

Project: ste[+a]m start community tech camp


About ste[+a]m start community

STE[+a]M Start community is an initiative of Dingole LTD in partnership with the US Embassy of Trinidad & Tobago. The weeklong tech camp is designed to equip kids between the ages of 8 - 16 yrs (from low income households in at risk communities) with the foundation to help them succeed.

Participants were introduced to a design thinking mindset that brought together science, technology, engineering, art and math. Kids learnt to think, invent, create and code in a fun way using robots, cardboard, straws, string, marshmallows and electronics.



We encourage play and group interaction as the gateway to creativity, curiosity, problem-solving and experimentation which are foundational learning activities. Our instructors guide participants on adventures in learning which might involve them in programming a tiny robot to dance, or entering a virtual world to paint in 3D, or using their hands to construct fantastic contraptions. 

"Through play we engage kids to solve problems collectively,  become design thinkers and to imagine with intention!"