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#VisitTrinidad 360


Life in The Micro-Moment


Trinidad Tourism


360 Video Production




Dubai 2020, ExportTT, Ministry of Trade and Development, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts

Life in The Micro-Moment

Journey with us to take a glimpse into life on a Tropical paradise. Take a virtual tour to experience the culture, the people, the wildlife and the beauty of a unique Caribbean island. Visit Trinidad! and experience Life in the Micro moment in 360

We worked with Trinidad Tourism Limited to create Trinidad's first immersive VR destination marketing video. series Four stereoscopic 360 video productions were commission by Trinidad Tourism to showcase the four pillars of Trinidad's tourism product:

- Sport

- Eco-Tourism

- Business

- Culture and the Arts

The videos were produced to be showcase at the Dubai 2020 world expo. Attendees visiting the Trinidad pavilion were transported to Trinidad using a virtual reality headset to experience some of the island's most beautiful sights.