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Shak Shak


Shak Shak


Ministry of Culture


Augmented Reality




Ministry of Art and Multiculturalism, Bmobile, Ministry of Agriculture, Airport Authority and National Carnival Commission.

Shak Shak


The golden age of Calypso is long gone but much like the Griots of West Africa our Calypsonians have preserved our past in their storytelling and music. Shak-Shak gives tribute to our Calypsonians and takes a tour with them into the past to capture the mood of Carnivals gone by, the golden age of Calypso and the historic events of the time.


To commemorate 100 years of Calypso we partnered with Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, Ministry of Argiculture, echoslim, Bmobile, TUCO and the Carnival Arts Institute to present Shak Shak. Shak Shak invited the public to embark on an acoustic journey into the history of Carnival through 100 years of Calypso recordings.

Shak Shak showcased 15 of our greatest Calypsonians from different eras that have created a classic work that uniquely captures the mood and tells a story of the history of our Carnival. 15 original fine art paintings were commission by artist Makemba Kunle, one for each of the featured Calypsonians. These images were displayed in large format around the perimeter of the Queens Park Savannah. In total 30 10ft by 8ft structures were designed. 15 were placed in chronological order (representing the decades) from North to South and then repeated from South to North.


A main component of the Shak-Shak project included the development of a new mobile augmented reality platform called Trinipedia. Shak Shak was the first augmented reality project produced in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. The interactive features of the campaign allowed smartphone users to scan the images of the installations (including the Might Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Super Blue and Lord Kitchener) to receive an enhanced overlay of information and an augmented reality experience.


  • Audio files digitally formatted and optimized for mobile
  • Featured song tracks and listing
  • Video files streamed
  • Carousel image galleries (specific to each artist)
  • Images optimized for AR
  • Profile and info of each artist