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‍Moko Somõkõw


‍Moko Somõkõw Band Launch 2020 360 Experience




360 Video Production




Moko Somokow

‍Moko Somõkõw Band Launch 2020 360 Experience

***Adjust youtube quality settings for the best viewing experience***

Moko Somõkõw take to the streets of Belmont, Trinidad to launch their Carnival 2020 presentation - Resurrection at Sorrow Hill.

Moko Somõkõw which translates to 'Moko Family' is a small Moko Jumbie band from Trinidad Carnival. Moko Somõkõw depicts the traditional carnival character, "The Moko Jumble".  Moko is allegedly a derivation of the god “Moko”, from West African traditions. The term “jumbie” is a colloquial expression for ghost or spirit. The Moko Jumbie is a stilt dancer, these characters make long strides and are balanced on stilts that can be from ten to fifteen feet in height. When mas was played for coins and gifts, Moko jumbies had the advantage of "height" being able to collect from balconies as they passed.

We were fortunate to witness and to capture Moko Somõkõw's 2020 band launch and presentation, "Resurrection at Sorrow Hill. This 360 footage was captured in 8k stereoscopic with spatial audio specifically rendered for a headset experience. It`s a beautiful and exhilarating micro moment captured in the perfect medium that puts the viewer at the center of the energy and spirit of a traditional carnival experience.