Living Arts Project


Client: Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism

Project: Living arts Projects


About Living arts project

The Living Arts project created a new vision for the Queens Park Savannah by transforming it into an open space digital museum accessible by mobile phone. To promote the preservation of Traditional MAS Characters - 24 "QR coded" life size cutouts were placed around the perimeter of the Queens Park Savannah. Each cutout presented a different MAS character and invited people to use their mobile phone to read the QR code and interact with the signage to discover each character's story. Smaller poster size signage was also placed at key point throughout Port of Spain and along the parade of the band route.

The project was done in partnership with the Ministry of Art and Multiculturalism, Ministry of Agriculture, Airport Authority and National Carnival Commission. The project was also exported to the Jacksonville's World of Nation Celebration in partnership with the Carnival Organization of Jacksonville Inc