Client: US Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago, costaatt, Dingole LTD



About Appstart


Dingolé in partnership with the US Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago and COSTAAT delivered AppStart. AppStart was the Embassy of Trindad and Tobago first-ever mobile tech camp. It provided 32 local youth from at-risk communities with the knowledge and skills to turn their smart phones into tools for economic opportunity.

The three-day workshop taught them about building mobile apps and games, social media marketing, and digital citizenship. 

Our objective was to provide attendees with the skillset and tools to effectively exploit opportunities in new “mobile centric” business models.

The camp also featured motivational talks from fellows of the Young Leader of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) and invited guest speakers from private sector, public sector and academia including Digicel the Mayors office of Chaguanans and COSTAAT.