Our Philosophy

                                      Live and let's dance!

                                      Live and let's dance!


There are three dominant beliefs that guide the way we think and work. at the intersection of these core drivers is where we find our inspiration to innovate, create and problem solve.

/1. Design Thinking

We approach every brief as a “solvable problem” to which we apply a repeatable method to design an impactful solution. Our approach is human-centered and we aspire in our actions to achieve extraordinary results that evoke emotion and desirability in the reactions of users, viewers and customers.

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/2. Entrepreneurship

We are entrepreneurs! and we revere the entrepreneurial spirit. Our mindset urges us to relentlessly seek opportunities where we can innovate and create new value. Our approach to business and problem solving always employs resourcefulness, inventiveness, lean agility and resilience.

/3. Immersive Technologies

We believe that immersive technologies are the new frontier in storytelling. Immersive technologies combine narrative, new technology and interactivity to redefine the way we interact with each other and the world around us. Our aim is to leverage the unique attributes of immersive technologies to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


Our Team

We are the small axe ... Sharp and ready (well Sharp !)

We are a focused team of storytellers, big thinkers and technical wizards who are passionate about creating compelling content-driven experiences. Being small we can go into details and focus on achieving your brand’s objectives. 


Shawn de freitas / co-founder
creative director

Shawn drives the strategic and creative vision while also managing business development. Shawn has over 15 years in digital media managing a range of projects that include - BSkyB, NTL, Nokia, Orange, Portaventura, Technology Strategy Board UK, University of Brighton and US Embassy TT to name a few.


Deidre Cristal Lee Kin / Co Founder
Chief Operations Officer

Deidre fearlessly leads the daily operations at Dingole, including client and investor management, sales and marketing. Deidre's focus is on finding more ways to better serve clients while aligning the company's roadmap with its growth trajectory. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and youth leadership.


kevin richardson
3d artist / designer


Emerald S. Abrahim
Illustrator / animator


Jose Luis Ayerdis Espinoza
Lead Developer


Brandon Thomas
Real Estate specialist / jamaica